Citi Hilton Cards Become AmEx: What You Need to Know

When Hilton declared its undivided commitment to American Express in June 2017, Citi Hilton cardholders knew their plastic would soon be replaced with AmEx credit cards. Now Citi, AmEx and Hilton have released more information about when and how that will happen.

In my latest story for NerdWallet, I explain what changes you can expect if you're a Citi Hilton cardholder.

Totally Over Your First Credit Card? What to Do Next

Your first credit card served one important purpose: It helped you build credit.

Now, after years of making on-time payments, you’ve grown tired of your card’s puny limit and lackluster benefits — and your mailbox is overflowing with better offers. Is it time to move on?

In my article for NerdWallet, republished by The Associated Press, I talk about when it makes sense to apply for a new offer.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Credit Card Users

You try to rake in big credit card rewards, avoid paying interest and keep your spending under control, but it feels like you’re running on a hamster wheel. What gives?

The answer likely has to do with your habits, or actions you take automatically without much thought. In my article for NerdWallet, republished by USA Today, I discuss the seven habits of highly effective cardholders.

You Could Be Overspending With Credit Cards. Yes, You.

When it comes to credit cards, you might think of yourself as a low-key rock star: You always pay on time and in full and maintain excellent credit. Compared with others, you’ve mastered the basics. And yet you — yes, you — might be using credit cards to spend too much.

In my article for Forbes, republished by NerdWallet and USA Today, I discuss signs you might be overspending and offer tips for changing your habits.