Marriott’s Deal With AmEx and Chase: What It Means for You

For certain hotel enthusiasts, Christmas is coming early this year: The hotel giant Marriott International has announced it reached new multiyear agreements with American Express and Chase. New co-branded products from each issuer are planned to launch in 2018, with details forthcoming.

In my article for NerdWallet, I cover what we know so far about these new products, and what the changes mean for you.

How One Man Ran a Marathon on Each Continent — Using Miles

Tyler Tervooren signed up for his first marathon on a whim. It was in 2010, just after he was laid off from his job as a construction manager.

In a profile for NerdWallet, I talk to Tervooren about how he used that first marathon as a starting point for an ambitious challenge: Running a marathon on each continent — while sticking to a modest budget. 

Snail Mail Alert: AmEx Sends Reminders for Citi Hilton Cardholders

Citi Hilton credit card

This weekend, Citi Hilton cardholders got another reminder from American Express about their Hilton cards being transferred to AmEx in mid-January. (I've included mine in the image here.) The message didn't disclose any information that wasn't included in previous emails to affected cardholders. Still, for those just now learning about the switch, the letter and brochure included some helpful reminders and answers to common questions. For the information included in the mailer (and more!), check out my article about the switch on NerdWallet.

Citi Hilton Cards Become AmEx: What You Need to Know

When Hilton declared its undivided commitment to American Express in June 2017, Citi Hilton cardholders knew their plastic would soon be replaced with AmEx credit cards. Now Citi, AmEx and Hilton have released more information about when and how that will happen.

In my latest story for NerdWallet, I explain what changes you can expect if you're a Citi Hilton cardholder.