I write about credit cards for NerdWallet, where I’ve worked since 2014. My articles have appeared in Forbes, USA Today, The Associated Press and other outlets.

I'm interested in helping readers use credit cards to their advantage. I focus on offering practical advice — not “here’s how you can bend over backward and save a dollar a year” advice.

I believe the credit cards you use most should complement your spending habits. I talk about maximizing your rewards and minimizing your costs. I discuss cards in the context of other, larger financial goals.

As I'm writing this, I have 12 open credit cards. But most of my articles are written for people who use just two or three cards regularly — which, often, is all you really need to get great ongoing benefits.

Typically, there are two reasons I might apply for a new card:

  1. I’m writing a review about the card and want to try it out, or
  2. It's a great deal!

When I’m not writing about credit cards, I enjoy going on trips with my husband, running long distances and playing Scrabble on the internet. 

Image: Mark Davidson Photography